Will Johnny Depp get his career back? experts are skeptical


Johnny Depp wins the lawsuit against Amber Heard, but it’s too hard for him to fix his film career, thinking in Hollywood: “They won’t cast him again for a first-rate movie”

Johnny Depp at the 2021 Karlovy Vary Festival.
Johnny Depp at the 2021 Karlovy Vary Festival.getty

The general sentiment was one of Johnny Depp’s resounding victories after the Amber Heard trial verdict became public. The same actor told shortly thereafter that the Virginia court jury where the defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard “brought him back to life”, that his truth had triumphed. A few days later, the unknown remains the same, beyond the supposed legal redemption for the protagonist. Edward Scissorhands, Will he be able to redirect his career and reconcile with Hollywood studios or not? Most industry experts doubt this.

Depp argued during the six weeks that the trial took place in Fairfax. He says that because of allegations of abuse and domestic violence by his ex-wife irreparable damage to your professional career, 58-year-old actor reveals opinion piece signed by Heard Washington Post In 2018 — in which he didn’t mention her directly — saw him lose his most lucrative contract with Disney for another installment. Pirates of the CaribbeanSixth, in which Kentucky’s interpreter was the undisputed star.

Depp believes Mickey Mouse Studios got down to work with him to “break up” and stay out of scamwith movement #Me too Shining at that time. His agent, Jack Whigham, announced after the article that it was impossible for him to obtain contracts for his clients with any of the major studios, and even more so after ties with Warner and other great franchises of which he was part, He was too. Broken. Fantastic Beasts,

Going back to such panoramas, even with recent judicial victories, seems like a complicated task, and not just because of the numbers. rough and intimate details Who has seen light about his relationship with the actress in recent weeks, but because of her reputation as a diva and a complicated person when it comes to work. A prominent campaigner cited by Vanity Fair it is called “Kryptonite for Study”Persona non-Greta, and a senior studio executive, says, “They’re not going to reroute him for a big-name movie like they used to. He was like a pain in the ass before the test. And he did what he did.” is shown that still a pain in the ass,

Depp’s fame was world-renowned and marked by his decades of drug and alcohol addictions. I was late for filming And that had become a problem, only relieved by its undoubted box office pull.

Now, his path may go through making short films with an independent label, to slowly reconnect with the masses and leave this painful episode behind, according to experts. However, a former Disney executive cited by the magazine People thinks it’s a good time for Depp to play Jack Sparrow again after five years, without wearing a pirate costume. “there are Huge potential jackpot at the box office For a beloved character deeply rooted in Disney culture,” he said.

Beyond speculation, the only thing is certain that his last film, Minamata, It did not go unnoticed at the box office in 2020, raised less than two million dollars and made various calls for a boycott. Two years have passed since then, with no other major projects on the agenda. The next shoot is scheduled for this summer, a film, Jean DuBarryIn which he played the role of Emperor Louis XV, directed by French actress Maiven.

The situation looks even more complicated for Hurd. Fred Cook, director of the Center for Public Relations at the University of Southern California (USC), believes the test did not favor either of them’s image, but To be “defeated” would mean a great deal to him. of the process and for less drag at the box office than her ex-husband. “His career opportunities will be limited because of this, at least in the short term,” he said. The diagnosis is reserved for both.

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