With one million euros, Senegal injected counterfeiters into the Basque health system


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Deputy Finance Minister Idoia Mendia during an appearance in Bilbao.
Deputy Finance Minister Idoia Mendia during an appearance in Bilbao.Petaxi CoralArab Press

Feather, Senegalese citizens who have duped more than a million euros in Basque social aid, resorted to crude manipulation of official documents to use 62 false identities, with more than a million euros being collected. ON, on his provisional release after being arrested on March 21 foreign brigade The National Police did not need to resort to counterfeiting experts for almost 14 years to maintain a monthly income that reached 10,000 euros. Despite the version offered by Basque governmentThe falsification of health documents, 22 forged passports, sub-lease documents and the facilitation of multiple registrations at the same address by Basque city councils made fraud possible.

ON used one of 62 false identities of many compatriots Senegal that, without living in Basque Countrythey became the thinkers of income guarantee rent (RGI) and Supplemental Housing Benefit (PCV). As per documents provided by Foreigners Brigade Court of Instruction No. 10 of BilbaoOne of the false identities used by O. N was that Andrew Gummez, Gambian Immigrant – who has not entered the country Spain According to police sources- Basque began collecting social assistance in the first months of 2020 and maintained it until mid-2021. Basque Health Service demanded his presence and ON did not attend the appointment, but a few days later, submitted a crude document of osakidetza for alleged entry into Basurato Hospital in Bilbao.

Monthly fee of 1 million euros

The document was not only accepted but O. Ann was allowed to continue collecting social assistance from the Basque Savings Bank. The alleged Osakidetza report also contained easily detectable errors such as UNGENCIA or non-existence of the date of discharge of presumptive hospitalization. In addition, agents from the Foreigner’s Brigade verified that similar reports were used by the ON as supporting documents, along with other false identities, in order to continue collecting aid from the Basque government.

Documents obtained by the national police investigation also include raw room sublease contracts that allow ON to add 625 euros per month to RGI and 250 euros for housing assistance in each false identity he has used since then. 2008.

Despite social alarm arising and demands for clarification PP+CS and of VocalDeputy Minister of Labor and Socialist Labor idoia mendia Yesterday he publicly admitted that he was unaware of the origin of an investigation by the National Police into an autonomous community in which police It is an extensive police force with around 8,000 agents.

Mendia, who promoted a new rule guaranteeing universal and indefinite aid, warned yesterday that controlling false passports is the responsibility of the national police and not the responsibility of the roughly 1,000 employees of the Basque Employment Service. I want to congratulate the National Police, but it took them 10 years to uncover it, which means it was not an easy conspiracy, Mendia assured yesterday in a communication strategy aimed at creating an unrealistic representation of the fraud committed by Oen. image is to be expressed. Helped 23 other foreigners who provided a variety of punctual coverage.

Police sources warned, following Mendia’s words, that the investigation began in late 2021 without specifying the circumstances that had previously indicated until the Bilbao Investigative Court 10 began claiming information from the Basque service in 2022. lamps.

The Basque government estimates that 267 cases of social aid fraud were detected in 2021 and 224 have already been counted in the first five months of this year.

Deputy Lehendkari Mendia said the amount of fraud in Basque social aid was negligible a day after a government delegation made public the results of an operation by the foreigners’ brigade. Representative Denis Itxaso ,PSOE) Freeze important police personnel’s communications for 24 hours as unveiled by this magazine.

Deputy Lahankari yesterday did not want to expand the internal control mechanism for which the spokesman of the Basque government indicated baingan zupiria Last Tuesday after uncovering the biggest fraud in the history of Euskadi in social aid. And those who question the opposition parties. Head of Employment with the General Director of LANBIDE Gloria MagicaMissed the obligation of all officers to inform the police for any sign of fraud.

Lanbide is not a police station, it is a public employment service, Mendia responds to doubts about the mechanism of political control of social aid in Euskadi. Following an investigation by the National Police, the Basque Employment Service is turning to the Basque Employment Service, in the words of Mendia, the process used so far to air its suspicions. Workers have sent dozens of signals internally without proof of management being done by Lanbide Management.

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