Woman who murdered and kidnapped her five-year-old daughter: “She watched cartoons and then hit her hard as if she were someone else”


During police interrogation, Martina Patti assures that she only remembers “cried a lot”.

Little Elena (left) and her mother, accused of her murder (right).Courier
  • planning A mother murders her five-year-old daughter and tries to cover up the crime by pretending to be a strange kidnapping.

“When I hit Elena I had a force i’ve never felt before, I don’t remember the girl’s reaction when I hit her, maybe she stood still, I have a very hazy memory.” Italian Martina Patti talks about how she killed her five-year-old daughter, Elena. Tomorrow at 12 :50 p.m. For killing a little girl at the Carabinieri provincial headquarters in Catania.

At the time of the confession, she looked like a completely different mother who had appeared in tears 24 hours earlier in front of the carabinieri of her hometown of Muscalusia, to condemn that her daughter was killed by three armed and hooded men. was kidnapped – which was later revealed. He knew it was a tactic to try to hide the crime he had committed.

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Martina Patti, 23, was apparently a normal woman. She attended the Faculty of Nursing Sciences in Messina but her initial confession was full of discrepancies. At first, he claimed that the little girl was kidnapped while he was returning home with her from the nursery, but the reality was different. He had been hit seven times in the neck and back. And then she put the little girl’s body in five plastic bags, one inside the other, as if it were a macabre matryoshka. Later, he had thrown the earth up to try and hide.

“When I picked up my daughter from daycare we went home,” she says. The little girl wanted to eat a pudding and then she started watching cartoons on her mobile as per her account. “Meanwhile I was ironing. At night we had to go to a friend’s house for her birthday, Elena was happy,” she recalls. But he already had a plan to kill the girl. “I don’t remember whether I had taken anything from the house or not. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and we headed towards the area I had signaled to the carabinary. This was the first time I had seen the girl in that area. I have the image of a knife in my mind, but I can’t remember where I got it and I don’t even remember hurting the girl.I just remember crying so much,” he revealed.

With absent air, Patti reconstructs in front of the Carabinieri what happened after the crime and how she faked it to be a fraudulent kidnapping. “Maybe I realized that the girl was dead and I didn’t know what to do. I immediately called Elena’s father, but I was so upset that I didn’t understand what he was saying, so I Went to the parents’ house. I was very confused and what had happened it didn’t feel real to me“, bill.

Investigators pressed her but she was evasive. “I don’t remember where I put the knife. I changed my clothes before going to my parents’ house, but when I was with the girl, the clothes I was wearing were not blood, only my hands were stained Were and I remember crying… when I met my parents and Alessandro [su ex pareja] I made up the story that they took us into custody and kidnapped the girl, taking advantage of the story of some of the threats Alessandro received”, he recalls. And it is that some time ago the young man found a note in which he and The girl was threatened. A description that would have credible the idea of ​​kidnapping in Martina’s mind, coincidentally linking it to the girl’s father’s old criminal record.

woman procrastinate a lot hide the corpse: “I don’t remember burying the girl, but maybe it was me.” And then he gives way to the coldest part of the story: “I can’t remember what went through my mind when I hit my daughter, in fact, I can say that no thought went through my head, It was like I was a different person at the time.” moment”. Martina confessed to the crime for the first time after the night’s interrogation. ” He concluded.

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