Woman who was sexually assaulted in La Malagueta withdraws complaint


There was some audio sent by a friend’s wife last week, in which she denied sexual harassment.

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  • planning Two prisoners released after “total turnaround” in a gang rape investigation in Malagueta
  • red color Police have arrested three people for gang sexual assault on a woman in La Malagueta

The woman who filed a complaint of being a victim of a alleged rape The Malagueta area of ​​the capital of Malaga, for which three people were arrested earlier this month of May, has withdrawn the complaint, as confirmed by Malaga’s Investigative Court No.

This has been pointed out since Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), specifying that in the next few days the court will decide on the progress of the open judicial process.

These sources indicated that the woman presented herself as Voluntarily last Tuesday in the court of inquiry, which was on guard duty for the detainees, where it proceeded Return of complaint.

Last week, matters changed after new evidence emerged, most notably some audio sent by the woman to a friend, which she presented to investigators, in which she denied sexual harassment And he admitted that he had forwarded the complaint to obtain some benefit or permit.

At the beginning of the hearing on Tuesday, the woman said that I can’t remember anything that happened And the judge ordered playing of WhatsApp audio in his presence which he may have exchanged with a friend.

After this, he again asked the woman if she still wanted to continue the process and this time, the woman I answered no and opted to withdraw the complaint, according to Dario ‘sur’.

Court had agreed to start a week ago Temporary release of two prisoners That he was in provisional prison in relation to this complaint, after upholding the appeal filed by defense lawyers when these audios were included in the proceedings.

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