Woman’s family allegedly poisoned by her niece and actor Luis Lorenzo: “Isabelle was afraid of them”


The sister-in-law of the deceased condemned that she was kept against her will and murdered by inheritance

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  • planning Actor Luis Lorenzo and his accomplice arrested for murdering their aunt with poison to save heritage

a Mara Isabel SurezoFor whose death his niece was arrested this Friday Spider and actors Luis Lorenzo Crespo And released with charges, they paid him two tributes. One is his brother and the other is Arancha herself. “An extraordinary woman who knew how to live and die with dignity, leaving her best in each of us,” said her niece. He said, “Great woman, good wife and best friend. Those of us who were lucky enough to be with you and be with you till the end will always remember you and carry you in our hearts.”

disciple She is the sister-in-law of the deceased. she is married to Jose Mara Surezo, one of Maria Isabel’s brothers, and knows firsthand what has happened in recent months and what was Maria Isabel’s relationship with Arancha and the actor. Answer our questions by phone from Evils (Asturias)where does he live

When did Maria Isabel move to Madrid to be with Arancha and Luis?
Isabel did not go to Madrid without taking anything. I Grado. I was in his apartment [un concejo asturiano a 25 kilmetros de Oviedo] And they took him. She kept in touch with the two brothers all the time. And in February/March, I had a chest problem, they gave me radiotherapy and Isabel called me every day. One day he didn’t call me and I called him. I didn’t answer the landline. My husband called her on mobile. Nothing, I don’t answer. We called another brother who lives in Oviedo nearby and he went to his house. the neighbor told him that they [Arancha y Luis ] They had come at night: “I opened the door for them because it didn’t open for them.” She didn’t want to see them. The second time they came and had to sleep in the car with the children as he had not opened the door for them. I am scared of them. He opened it for them, they went upstairs, they had a big fight and in the morning they got into the car.
Are you afraid of them?
Yes. they came to the tests he had [Arancha] with her son’s father and Isabel didn’t want them to come to her house, but, of course, when she opened and it was them… we all already knew they were bad people, she bad Behaved his father and his father did not want to know him.
Did he try to contact Isabel?
Yes, but don’t pick up the phone. Once, my husband left a message on the answering machine: “Please, I want to talk to my sister Isabel because they want to buy a farm from her,” he asked to see if they could put it that way. will receive She replied: “I am Louis. I am Isabel’s guardian. If you keep bothering me, find a lawyer.”
That’s why he complained…
Complain about missing, because they never let us talk to her.
And the civil guard came to his house…
They were not allowed to pass. We see everywhere, social workers, civil guards and nothing else.
How did they come to know about his death?
My husband was called to complain to the court. My husband and I were going to Grado and when we arrived, my daughter called me screaming: “They brought Isabel dead.” You can imagine my husband’s shock, crying, screaming…
They were with Isabel’s body?
Arancha was at the funeral home.
What explanation did they give you for the death?
We went to the funeral home but we didn’t talk to him, I didn’t talk to anyone in the family, not even his father.
What did you think of Isabel’s death?
We found this very strange because my sister-in-law was absolutely fine. They had already tried to take him again, it was in August during the pandemic [2020], My sister-in-law managed to escape and she came without clothes or anything, with a woolen jacket.
Do you think they wanted to have him with them for his money?
Sure, nothing more. Isabel didn’t need anything, she had her house, her vegetables, her eggs… Every Thursday she went with her car to the Plaza de Oviedo to sell. I told her: “Well, Isabel, leave it alone, go for a walk.” She replied: “It’s just that I like it.”
What did he do after he died?
The time they brought him dead, we ordered a post-mortem to be conducted and it was found to be lead poisoning.
Maria Isabel was a widow, wasn’t she?
Yes, a widow without children. Her husband had died 18 or 19 years ago.
Was he particularly wealthy?
They had a small flat in Grado and some money, 60,000 euros in their checking account, and some farmland, but they didn’t want the farms. He already had a will and in May made another.
To whom did he leave his inheritance in that first will?
Then you shall live for your mother and her brothers in equal parts.
He didn’t leave anything to Arancha?
Do you know if Arancha had financial problems?
We don’t know anything. We know it’s not work worth doing, let alone showing off. When his mother died, 12 years ago, he asked his father for everything and all his money, which he gave to his father…
Isabelle was 85 years old, wasn’t she?
85 years old and pulling a cart to take things to the square, growing potatoes, picking apples, nuts, eggs…
In the obituary you describe her as an extraordinary woman.
That note was put by Arancha. Collectively, Isabelle’s sister caught her attention as Arancha dedicated a few words to her: “She died with her dearest niece…”. And the sister said if she wasn’t ashamed of what we all knew.
In church, during the funeral?
S, S.
There will be an escandalo…
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