World Cocktail Day: Restaurants with their own cocktail shakers in Madrid, the new world capital of mixology

  • Restaurant Salvaje, the restaurant that revolutionized Madrid
  • Art Incln Brutal Bar serves its cocktails in Spain’s most luxurious glass

Always on the list of essentials and anecdotes, Del Diego, Angelita, 1862 Dry Bar or Twitch Museum They were the predecessors that marked a generation of classic drinkers. But if there’s a proper name responsible for it Boom The mixology that floods menus at trendy restaurants today is the acclaimed Diego Cabrera.

Thanks to this Argentine barman, but by adoption from Madrid, the capital went straight into top ranking positions Reference 50 Best Bars in the World. He also did it with the Salmon Guru. Best Cocktail Shaker in SpainAlthough since his time at Gastrobar Le Cabrera, it barber move the scene. “It has reminded us of how people drank in the early 20th century, it has evolved into how people are drinking and has shown part of the way people drink alcohol. author’s creativity“, describes Miguel Palomo, a journalist specializing in mixology.

Shekhar Neighborhood

Not in vain, this expert voice continues, is able to Changing neighborhoods like Las LetrasieToday it has turned into the apple where it is drunk more and more: “I myself called it crazy because in Huertas they have been drinking molasses for decades and I have to suffer the consequences,” says Palomo sarcastically, who told with such appreciation barber broken from. “Many times have followed in his footsteps and helped the situation” Madrid on the world map making a circuit”.

Another thing in favor of this charisma-filled character behind the bar is a brand known for its team great vision, Viva Madrid and the revitalization of the Guru Lab experimental laboratory, where it brings together the cream of the mix, have been added to this interesting network. “His ability to blend well is almost secondary, Diego is one of the best ambassadors and hosts in Madrid, It has opened a fuse from place like salmon guru to seal a structure through which the best international names in mixology who want to come here are passing”, Palomo, associate in the book Jaggery (Ed. Planeta Gastro), which goes beyond typical recipe manuals or autobiographies to offer a multidisciplinary approach to cocktails.

high mixology

Without a doubt, wants to be a mixologist at the height of haute cuisine With a lot of work behind. “We are grateful to the city and we try to establish it internationally by bringing the best bars in the world to this meeting point, which sometimes do not know each other, and then start projects that will take them from Madrid. love it,” he says. Cabrera. it also contributes People are curious about the world of cocktail shakers. “Consumers are approaching the author’s creativity, not forgetting the classics.”

of recondito speakeasy For conceptual cocktail shakers reminiscent of Prohibition times, Madrid has a liquid offer for all tastes. Therefore, newer restaurants tend to focus on toasts that are in sync with their bites and prolong the experience. Some great here.

Sip in a Circus Environment

Entertaining Savage has moved to the Bless Hotel, on the same street, giving place for a second life Number 96. The new proposition is a Italian with Decorative Winks at the Circus who holds his napkin in the air to the beat of the DJ and the show, along with a strong Signature Mixology Bet in charge of barber Borja goicotaxia.

Velázquez, 96. shower Who harmonizes with food.

Shekhar’s house

Thai is so important in this liquid offer It dedicates an entire floor, with a distinctive bar that presides over the room. a refuge to enjoy in peace Classics and more original drinks with an Asian touch, Danielle Merli has created such creations as the Peanut Colada, Siam Queen Smash, White Mary Gazpacho or Marthany’s.

Villanueba, 2. Own bar on the entire floor with 125 wine references, over 20 sparkling wines and another 25 international labels.

Temple of Mezcali

Lively Puerta de Alcalí, which has become a gastro roundabout where you can eat and be seen, an exotic Mexican take over by cacti where you can forget about the crazy crowds. Without crossing the pond, you can learn a lot about agave 500 types of mezcal and tequila Very different.

Plaza de la Independencia, 5. Empire of the Distillate with Agave.

where there’s always a queue

What Happens in the Secret Alley of Echegre?, Whoever Sees huge line of people who wait patiently to enter every day fashion spot, this original restaurant Makes changes every 365 of the conceptSo today you can eat one type of meal and drink a range of cocktails with a countdown.

Echegre, 18. A short-lived fluid experience

reconstruction of classics

A Green Bloody Mary! Called pepa and tequila or a. Tributes are paid to Almodóvar with Las Meninas de Velzquez. Liquid ode to Joe rediscovers Pisco. After living outside Spain for a decade, Ral Navarro has created An Artful Shaker Menu Where without wine there is history, originality, foundation and even section. Always very visual.

Seville, 3. Country-inspired drink.

amazing mix

In addition to its famous cheesecakes, Cocktail named as fish It is an essential of this Cantabrian-Indian restaurant. It refers to a mythical figure from the legend of the Liergens in Cantabria, and is So photogenic it always ends up on Instagram, Its large bar, which lines the complex, is reminiscent of a fishing boat cabin.

Velzquez, 102. Stimulating and refreshing.

from the highest

With views of the renovated Plaza de Espaa and the Royal Palace, this serene terrace have a drink at sunset Cocktails at night and together turns into the most lively scheme live music, Bartenders have shaken up their cocktail shakers with a menu brimming with new flavors and high-end presentations: winged glasses and vibrant colors.

ginkgo sky bar

Please from Espa, 3. A Secret Oasis to Fly

most featured

And mono or goya premium Containing the delicious drink has sparked a trend in the capital: sculpted glasses. Artist Jose Piero, creator of Chef Crockery, has moved into the world of mix, As his actions took over this restaurant and social networks flooded, other venues have replicated the successful formula.

Lavrez Gato, 4. Authentic Works of Art

Taapsee, who is in harmony with the peace

Although the hotel barrier remains, whoever dares to enter it Four Seasons Cocktailera Find a live experience. Square ice, smoke and unique containers are some of the master touches Miguel Prez prints in a sophisticated author proposal That pairs with innovative bites.

Seville, 3. A concept never seen before in the city

Kotaro is encouraged

The new line that Antonio Pedrosa is about to follow in his restaurant is revealed in his Principe de Vergara’s Final Opening, Dazzling neon lights and a decor that invites you to stay, paired with a DJ in the afternoon that continues with dinner which is no shortage Toast to a ‘We N Rose’. They also have their own vermilion, the canto.

Prince of Vergara, 204. Restlessness and non-conformity

Well watered CASQUERA

new project of Hernandez Brothers which is worth seeing. Designed for sharing, this off-center travel inn refreshes its authentic gastronomic offer Citrus accompanies the cucamfresh, and sweet, sour and spicy with Sweet Octopus sets the seal. A fun menu full of flavors to sip on.

Avada de los Andres, 8. Journey through the Glass

UN Oasis to Refresh

The sophisticated Hotel Blasse is the maximum expression of the practice of ‘Tereso’. A ‘Sky Lounge’ to Go from madrid to sky’ Through him Careful selection of signature cocktailsOf which the Cucumber Martini (gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, syrup and cucumber) or the Imitation Milkshake (vodka, Baileys, strawberry and chocolate syrup) stand out.

Velázquez, 62. The roof where you want to be

Under a splendid CPUla

From a pink gin to a yuzu margarita to a floral mule, the soundtrack cocktails offered by the seventh floor of the Capitol have evolved as much as the restaurant with its own namesake. Vanguard and show served for the demanding palate Beneath the most incredible vault ever seen in a restaurant.

Atocha, 125. Multisensory and Exclusive

Japanese who conquers the famous

Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston or Leo DiCaprio are some of them regular stars zuma, the ‘place to be’ which like other big capitals has landed in Madrid to succeed. Beyond sushi and its majestic desserts, James Shearer’s dishes play with brains to help Taste more and better.

Paseo de la Castellana, 2. Modern and Elegant

according to the norms of

trust project

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