World Cup 2022: Keeler stops New Zealand and Costa Rica will be Spain’s first rival at Qatar World Cup

Costa Rica 1 New Zealand 0


A goal from Campbell and resistance from its iconic goalkeeper earned the Central American team their sixth World Cup classification

Keeler clears a ball in Costa Rica's win against New Zealand.
Keeler clears a ball in Costa Rica’s win against New Zealand.kareem jaffreyAFP

kelor navso He was always a special goalkeeper. Misunderstood, unconventional, but with the good fortune of being chosen in the appointments that mark a career. It was Navas who prevented attempts at revolution by belligerent New Zealand in the playoffs in Doha and allowed Costa Rica to qualify for the World Cup. The Central American team, therefore, takes the last of 32 places and will be Spain’s first rival in Qatar, which it will also share with Germany and Japan.

The Costa Rican team, for whom a goal in the first breath was enough to win the game, suffered for coming out unblemished. In fact, after catching the first goal in the third minute, he backed out and did not shoot again in the entire first period. At least, the action that took Ticos to move forward was in line with the quality that some of their soccer players should have possessed. young man after a scuffle juson benet -Turns 18 years this Wednesday- He managed to throw a center in the area he went to Joel Campbell, And the modest attacker, a former Betis and Villarreal player, among others, took out the tip of his left boot to direct the ball into the net with proper delicacy.

But New Zealand, which celebrates 40 years since its debut at the World Cup 82 in Spain this summer and has only been able to play two World Cups in its history (its last participation was in South Africa 2010), is far from collapsing. . winston reedA 33-year-old captain and now unemployed, ordered the lines to be upgraded so that Kirwani You caykes on the wings, and Garbet From the axle, they would load the game onto the body of the Chris Wood, Newcastle striker Keeler Navas’s growing concern grew tired of picking up balls in the field, tired of correcting defenders who didn’t know what to do to move such a tower away from their domain. The PSG goalkeeper and former Real Madrid goalkeeper was, in fact, involved in taking a shot from the New Zealand striker before the action could have changed everything.

five minutes before the end of the first half and after Tejeda Try to take out the ball with a strange scissor, wood He was successful in defeating Navas. but while all white Celebrated what looked like a draw, those responsible for VAR warn match referee, Emirati Mohd Abdullah Hassanof the alleged prior lack of Garbet One duarte Presence in dispute. Although the New Zealand midfielder caught the former Levante defender by leg, Duarte did not skimp on the grab to win the fight on the flank. There was also an episode before the boundary, before which the referee, disoriented and absent on the Qatari night, no doubt wanted to go to the monitor after passing.

expulsion in new zealand

In any case, the disallowed goal served to convince the Costa Rica coach of the imminent danger. Colombian coach Luis Fernando SuarezThe man who had already taken Ecuador and Honduras to the World Cup in his time shook the bench with three changes, using a historical reference as the midfielder Brian Ruizo (36 years old), aka La Comadreja, and drew a line of three central defenders to find a peace that had not come.

and contributed to costa barbaricA New Zealand striker who had only been on the field for more than five minutes when he thought it would be a good idea to hold his ankle Francis Baldo, An absurd action that the referee previously judged with a yellow card, but had no other option but to correct with expulsion following a new warning from the video referee.

With 20 minutes and one less player to play, New Zealand again took to the bush. It was then that Kelor Navas, who must have missed his memorable World Cup in Brazil, returned to show his late version at a crucial moment. The goalkeeper took out both his hands in front of a tremendous shoe Lewisknocked out with his fist, how many centers were thrown at him, and refused again wood For the third consecutive time, Costa Rica’s sixth World Cup qualification settlement.

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