World Cup 2022: Ukraine takes refuge in football in tears: “We will give everything to win”

Scotland-Ukraine (X/8:45 pm)


Zinchenko burst into tears on the eve of a duel between his team and Scotland, the first hurdle to reach Qatar.

Zinchenko tears during a press conference in Glasgow.
Zinchenko tears during a press conference in Glasgow.AFP

Alexander Petrakov, at the age of 64, was clear that his place should not be on the bench of a football team, in this case the team of Ukraine, but a position on the front line. Russian soldiers cordoned off the streets of Kyiv, where his wife and children live, and he felt the need to defend his country, rifle in hand. However, the Ukrainian authorities forced Petrakov to see that a more symbolic role was reserved for him in history. Ukraine is two games away from qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar. To do so, they would have to beat Scotland in Glasgow on Wednesday (8:45 pm) and, if successful, beat Wales in Cardiff the following Sunday. A great challenge that transcends the game to become a cohesive element of those gang-raped by war.

“This is the most important game in our history. It’s not even about football anymore, it’s about giving hope to the people of Ukraine. It will be a sign that the war has not broken us,” the Ukrainian journalist told the AFP agency. irina kozipus,

The selection couldn’t be easier. Its members neither want nor can ignore what is happening in their country, no matter how hard they try to prepare for a duel against the Scots at a pleasant location in Brdo, Slovenia, 20 kilometers north of Ljubljana. That’s it. They reached there by bus 20 hours later on 30th April. The only thing Petrakov asked was that football players not use mobile phones when they were training. However, even without the device’s screen as a mediator of trauma, the discomfort continued its course.

“My life will have meaning”

“I’m at an age where I don’t want anything: no house, no car. But if I take the national team to Qatar, my life will have meaning,” Petrakov told the newspaper. Guardian last 7 may

With the closure of professional sporting activities in Ukraine, the national team has faced serious problems even in friendly events. Ukraine, in fact, have not played an official match since last November 16, when they defeated Bosnia in Zenica (0–2). After the Russian invasion on 24 February, the Ukrainian team is barely able to play three games of cohesion and little game value (wins against Italian Empoli and German Borussia Monchengladbach, and a draw against Croatian Rijeka). In addition, the list of 21 players, currently plagued with footballers belonging to defunct teams.

Oleksandr Petrakov during a friendly against Empoli in May.
Oleksandr Petrakov during a friendly against Empoli in May.getty

alexander zinchenko, Manchester City midfielder, couldn’t help but burst into tears in attendance before the match against Scotland. “I can promise the Ukrainian people that we will give everything to win this match”, with a broken voice and unable to suppress his feelings, said the footballer: “We want our people to feel proud, and Give them a reason to smile again. Though only for a few seconds. Everyone wants this war to end. I talked to kids who don’t understand what’s going on and those who dream of peace That’s his dream. And we have another dream: to reach the World Cup.

“We all want to win”

His opponent’s role in Hampden this Wednesday will not be easy either, a Scotland looking to qualify for the final stage of the World Cup, a boundary he hasn’t seen since the 1998 World Cup (Ukraine won its last World Cup). Germany 2006, where he reached the quarter-finals).

Thus, Scots play a difficult role in the face of the sentimental component of the date. “There will be respect. I can’t imagine what these players from Ukraine must be going through. Their families will be in a really difficult situation. I have respect, sympathy for them, but we all want to win,” Aston Villa said the midfielder. John McGuino in statements to sky game, And he added: “We have the utmost respect for his position. But as long as the match lasts we will give everything to win the match. That’s what matters.” combined of steve clark Chain eight games without losing, seven by Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian Football Federation estimates that just over 2,000 fans will support the stands at Hampden Park, the team taking refuge in the ball this Wednesday.

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