“Worst haze in history”: a young man becomes blind and has brain damage


Danny Santuli spends months in rehab after he fainted at a party before entering college

Young student Danny Santuli.
Young student Danny Santuli.

danny santuli He is 19, but will need someone to look after him for the rest of his life as he suffered severe brain damage at one year. university novice last October.

After several months the young man is back at his parents’ house Colorado HospitalAs reported by his attorney David Bianchi, who described the hedging “Worst in History”,

His return does not mean that his position has changed: “He has a massive brain damage, is blind, unable to speak or communicate”,

There was brain damage due to his alcohol intoxication: while taking the oath to enter the university fraternity,” he added. a tube in the mouth and they made him drinking large amounts of alcohol, He was not of legal age to drink alcohol.”

Santuli family He has said in an interview with ABCNews, that apart from the sanctions, he doesn’t want any other student to go through that young man’s experience.

what happened that night

according to civil demand Quoted by ABCNews, a series of surveillance images inside the frat house show a group of young men who will be victims of an initiation ritual, including drink a whole bottle of vodka during the incident.

“He gave them wine bottle And then they drank from it, and carried them upstairs, and for the next two hours they drank and drank,” she said. David BianchioThe family’s lawyer told ABCNews.

The cameras show up at around 11 pm balance lose balance His companions take him out of the room and take him to the sofa. About two hours later, another member of the fraternity finds him unconscious on the ground and puts her back on the couch.

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