Worst Series of the Week: How I Met Your Father, Spreading Gum


Hilary Duff and France Rau
Hilary Duff and Francia Rasa in the series.Disney+
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pleasure to see Kim Cattrall in the first episode of how i met your father This is pure TV magic. A dazzling actress immune to gossip and rumours, which made her decide to leave. sex in new york, Cattrall is apparently still in Manhattan in the new series, but talks from 2050. he is the narrator of the inevitable derivative How did I meet your mother? Kim is the narrator… and the best of the series. And that’s not good.

it was indisputable that how i met your mother will continue exploited Somehow. such as sex in new yorkThe success of the comedy of Carter Baez and Craig Thomas is easily convertible into a recipe, as its elements were always very clear. In addition, the opposite gender, Bey and Thomas had sitcom To use: its plot advanced as the season went on (nine, no less) but it was the consistency of the characters and their interactions that generated chemistry. clearly affected Friend, how i met your mother Soon it took off alone, turning its actors into stars and its creators into millionaires. The series finale, anticipated on campus, is still relevant. And that’s good.

I wonder if many viewers will make it to the final episode How did I meet your father? I imagine this will happen when we find out that the character we’ve met early on is the father of the son to whom 2050’s Sophie (Kim Cattrall) tells her story. Sophie’s in 2022 Hilary Duff, former Chica Disney who became a phenomenon at the age of 14 Lizzie McGuire, Ten years later, with a bubbly supporting character in small, Duff demonstrated her ability to deal with adult characters. In how i met your father matches both records, innocence disney And now the awareness of not being a girl. A little Lizzie McGuire and a little Carrie Bradshaw. and a lot of how i met your mother Obvious.

how i met your father It’s too old to be seen: a sitcom of lifetime sets. conceptually, for many lesbian friend Including, his proposal differs little from anything seen in the 1990s. tinder all the time (sometimes it feels like there’s a promo for the series Application dating) doesn’t modernize any series. Not that it wants to be fair.

Surprisingly (or not) that after how i met your father There are two screenwriters with no experience how i met your mother, Isaac Aptekar and Elizabeth Berger are responsible for the new series. upset (or not), that both are locked with love, victor hey this is us, series that’s been its own way Revolutionary. This indicates that the orders she received “from above” made it clear what the series should be like for Hilary Duff to find love and become Kim Cattrall. ,it’s more of the same That can’t exactly be said for a series, except that’s exactly what its creators were asked to do. So the round of applause.

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