Xoel Lpez revives deluxe for solo concert at Dcode festival


The composer revived his youth project after 14 years and played those songs at the Decode festival in Madrid on 17 September.

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,Joel Lepezzo After leaving a new phase begins Deluxe“That was the headline that filled the newspapers in late 2008 when the Galician singer decided to end the kind of Ziggy Stardust that had crowned her One of the Outstanding Composers of Spanish Indie Pop, Influences of the 60s, 90s rhythm, an air of British pop and a pseudonym: Deluxe. Months later he went to Argentina and never looked back. So far.

deluxe songs will play again Next September 17 at the festival in Madrid decode, whose poster was announced this Tuesday. It will be a solo concert in 2022 that Xoel López (La Corua, 1977) presents with the repertoire of the first project with which his career began and whose success, he tells us, tasted astonishing. “I came from several musical projects and I assumed that I wasn’t going to make a living from it; it was alternative music sung in English. And it happened to me that it started getting good for me. Suddenly I found that the results were above expectation”.

with the album from 2005 ‘Young people die before their time’ (Mushroom Pillow) There’s no more Britpop but a new Zole Lopez. A fundamental step in artistic maturity. “I started singing in English by mimicry, the music I heard was imitating Anglo-Saxon. I felt uncomfortable before the change, I came from behind, I was contemplating it and I looked around. Commented on it with the people nearby. Wasn’t very much in favor of it. There came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore and I said to myself ‘I want music in my language’, And started a one-way street. It was still a phase of needing to act like everyone else for a few years and then I started flying independently and matured into my personality.’

By the way, the reference to Bowie comes from the need to separate the individual from the character, to create an entity that speaks for itself. “I needed a project name I didn’t feel comfortable putting in ‘Joel Lopez’ because I was still defining my personality.” Later, he says, he made the switch knowing who he was and what he had. “I thought it was time to take that last layer off. But until then I needed to hide under a name.”

The reason for deluxe comes from that mix of awe and respect. In his twenties, the man in Korua didn’t want to believe that the best was about to happen. “At those ages you don’t know what will happen to your life, I didn’t want to believe it too much, I thought it would be a matter of a few years and it was because I had little luck at that time… I was afraid to devote myself to music, I did it anyway, with skepticism, and so far”.

But why did he kill the deluxe and why is he reviving it now? At some point the singer felt that the character was finished. A turning point was necessary. “It was something I’ve wanted to do before and the trip was the perfect excuse: I’m going to live on another continent, I’ll change my name. It had to do with a necessary artistic change and, to some degree, a personal, That I was starting a new stage and left a few things behind. That’s the definitive name… when you reach yourself. I think more than just reviving it, it’s celebrating it “. He says the idea was born during the pandemic, when the band came together to re-record virtually ‘Reconstruction’.

joel l
Xoel López 15 years ago in the days of deluxe.EM

Regarding his jump to America, he admitted that he did it to avoid all the nostalgia. “I felt that I had a lot to discover and that I I wanted to break some part of my past, Changing the project, changing the name, form of music, and taking advantage of physical change to facilitate emotional change”.

Thus you sought the freedom of the unknown, which the eyes of the people do not have. “I know some things happened, Some of them are clear to me. wanted anonymityGo back to a place where no one knew me. Hua one of those eyes that looked at me were relatives because it’s not like I was Michael Jackson. But what I did was conditioned a little, I wanted to start a new project with a sense of complete freedom that if I had done it in Madrid it wouldn’t have happened to me. I might have found him in a house in the mountain, but I went to Buenos Aires.”

Those five years away from the roots and away from the deluxe gave him perspective. of life and of the country. The artist wrapped himself in other scenes, landscapes and, they say, in allegories. “It was a journey that gave me a lot and then the journey came back, you come back and it’s not the same anymore, Your eyes see differently, your ears hear differently.”

Those five years also gave him the album ‘the Atlantic’ (Esmert, 2012) Whose launch is now 10 years old and where the US platform is narrowed. The singer tells us that he will be doing a concert he can’t announce right now and that it will be at the end of the year when he plays the repertoire to pay tribute to a special album. As he himself says, “change disc, An album that reflects my entire journey through Latin America and which I think deserves review 10 years later”.

And, what emotional world is Xoel López in after 20 years of music and life? “In a balanced moment. I am neither young nor old now. I have experience but I also have confusion, I don’t know what’s coming, maybe it’s better, but I think I like it better than what’s out there. My Critical Moment I consider it better now than ever. Now I don’t need to think much about my work. There is something more harmonious and natural”.

Xoel López, Deluxe, doesn’t say goodbye to this interview without first answering one final question. As that song says, it’s still dancing, importantly, in spite of everything? “Dance and continue. As a metaphor and as a way of life, to beautify the world that is already beautiful but that also presents darkness”. Dance and go

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