Xperia Z4 Metal Frame Leaks In Comparison With Xperia Z3 – Full details check now

This year at MWC 2021, we didn’t heard anything from Sony about Xperia Z4, but these leaked images show that Sony is surely working on next generation of Xperia Z3, i.e Xperia Z4. These images shows that Xperia Z4 is surrounded by a metal frame and is being compared to Xperia Z3.


This leaked pics also suggest that the Z4 has an open port like on the Xperia M4 instead of a flap covering the microUSB port that we saw on Xperia Z4. These pics also suggest that the new Xperia Z4 will still have round and curvy edges and that the microUSB port will be placed at the bottom of the phone.

There is not much difference at the top of the Xperia Z4 form X3, the only thing is that the microphone has now been moved away from the headphone jack.

Xperia-Z4-leak3-1024x672While on the right, the micorSD card and Sim Slot is missing on Xperia Z4. The Sim slot is moved to the left on the new Xperia and we couldn’t find magnet charging port and even microSD card slot. Does that means it will lack expandable storage ? Maybe, Yes.

We don’t have any other details on this, as of now. But we can still expect Sony Xperia Z4 should feature a higher resolution display, camera enhancement and faster processor over the Z3. And Sony could also add some more unique features to stay in competition with-the latest flagships.

As of now, we can only wait and watch, what Sony has got for us in store.

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