Yaroslav Amosov, mixed martial arts champion now fighting in Irpin


The 28-year-old Ukrainian was expected to defend the world title in London on May 13. But he has changed the ring for the city of Irpin, where he joins the regional defense.

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Yaroslav Amosov, integrated into the Regional Defense Forces of Ukraine.Yaroslav Amosovinstagram
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Yaroslav Amosov28, a living legend of Ukrainian sport, one of the most beloved active champions in his country: he crowns the Kiss welterweight in Mixed Martial ArtsKnown discipline by the acronym mma ,Mixed Martial ArtsThese are special days for him. By February 20 he was in Thailand attend a training course to perfect the techniques of muay thai, And on May 13 they were waiting for him Londonwas supposed to defend the world crown against Michael Page,

After 26 consecutive victories, he dreamed of reaching another legend of the sport, the Russian fighter reaching a complete unbeaten 29 successes in a row. Khabib Nurmagomedov, However, four days before the invasion had been ordered by PutinUkrainian athlete returned to his home irpin Hometown, the scene of a violent fight in recent weeks to save his wife and 6-month-old son.

He enlisted in the Territorial Defense Forces to defend his family, his home, his country. CNN has published a long and dynamic interview with Yaroslav Amosov

“It’s hard to see now your city, which was once full of joy, of life”, he answers journalist’s questions Mathias Grezu, “It has always been very beautiful, people were happy, they were happy with their lives”, while now there is only “destruction”, recalls Amosov.

“It was very difficult to get used to all these incidents in the first few days, seeing how people were running away from their homes. Not everyone could go, some people had parents they couldn’t leave behind, who were too old and could’ not walk well. People were running… they took their kids, they took their parents in their arms and they ran, they cried, they don’t know That was what to do. People ran with their pets,” he says.

“I saw a soldier running with a child in his arms. The child’s things were covered in blood, but the blood was not his, it was his father’s. Didn’t understand what was happening, I didn’t hear him cry , he was probably just in position Shock “,

Amosov assured CNN that in the most difficult moments he was afraid that he would not survive. And in the most emotional moments, he recalls the day, after the Russian withdrawal, he and his team went to aid civilians who were still hiding in basements and shelters.

A month ago, the Ukrainian fighter published a video on social networks in which he was seen recovering the world champion belt from his mother’s house. “It was a great moment, because the belt was safe and sound.”

Amosov also tells that he has lost some classmates and has met children mutilated by Russian bombs, such as one of his admirers, whom he had visited in the hospital. Now, though, he’s thinking about the future of the sport again. With the situation less busy, the Ukrainian champion has resumed training in his hometown to try to get in shape. And start again, when the battle is over, the interrupted challenge.

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