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Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty was in Delhi with her Husband Raj Kundra to celebrity-endorsed products of Best Deal TV exclusively on Amazon. Shipa said “yoga, the ancient Indian way of healthy life should not be mixed with politics”. She made her comments after many politicians called the International Yoga as a political affair.


The forty year old Shilpa said that her relation with yoga is spiritual and everyone should practice for better health keeping politics aside. Your lifestyle and thinking process, ability to take decisions will be improved with regular practice. Talking about online shopping she said she is a big shopaholic and her husband’s credit card will reveal how often she does online shopping.

“I like online shopping and I order everything including home décor stuff as it is convenient and you can chose whatever you want” she added.

The actress has a three year old kid, whose name is Viaan Raj Kundra. She is planning to write a book about the health and nutrition. “I have been passionate to make people aware of how important the healthy food for better energy to carry out daily routine work. If you work hard and do not have proper healthy food, you will be tired” she said. Shilpa is not planning any movie in the near future but she will do TV. She said “I am happy to be a full-fledged home maker and I wanted to dedicate myself to my son. I will come into big screen when the right time comes”.

United Nations has declared June 21st as International Yoga day and 192 countries are participated in the Yoga day. Indian Prime Minister had proposal June 21st as International Yoga Day and the United Nations had declared the same in the last year. Yoga, the ancient Indian way for better health and peaceful mind, was participated by millions on June 21st.

International Yoga Day: PM joins over 35000 participants at Rajpath

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Indian ancient practice, yoga at Rajpath. He led more than 35,000 people who performed cobra and half camel positions. Different people joined including soldiers, students and bureaucrats in New Delhi. Organizers hoped the event to be a Guinness Book of World Records for the largest yoga class. The previous record was set in Gwalior by 29,973 students in 20015 in India. Modi told the crowded place that yoga is not only physical exercise but also help for better way of thinking and can begin a new era of peace.

Yoga in Kashmir

Modi thanked United Nations for adopting his idea and declared June 21st as International Yoga Day. This is program to spread the message of goodwill, human welfare and a tension-free life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed his secret about his workaholic nature by explaining the benefits of Yoga. He credited yoga as for his long hours work with less sleep. Yoga is to be believed as 5000 years old Indian practice. Yoga became a multi-billion-dollar in the west. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has called Yoga as the soft power of India who is in New York.

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