Yolanda Daz denies Podemos about summit’s ‘Dedazos’: “meets contract requirements”


Vice President D
Vice President Daz, this Tuesday.EFE
  • defending Podemos boycotts NATO commemorations and accuses Pedro Sanchez of ‘fingerprint’ payments

The government has taken a day to refute the theory started by Podemos about “fingerprint” awards for holding the NATO summit. What did they not expect in the queues purple that in denial will come from their own leader council of ministers, Yolanda Díaz has distanced herself this Tuesday from allegations made by the party of Ioan Bellara, which criticizes the celebration of the event in our country and which at the moment refuses to participate.

In the final hours, Podemos’ picketing and criticism had raised tensions within the government, but now friction already strikes the heart of the coalition. Know, “This contract was approved in terms of validity in the Council of Ministers and the file is at the disposal of the Spanish society. I emphasize, it meets all the legal requirements,” clarified the second vice president on Tuesday, who distanced himself from Criticism of Podemos began this Monday to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Spain’s accession to NATO, an act that no representative of the political space participated in.

From a minority member of the government coalition, it has been believed on different occasions over the past few weeks that the 37 million euro contract for the celebration of the NATO summit, in addition to being excessively spent, was awarded some irregularities. And “with a finger”. Some statements that came as a surprise at La Moncloa, as the purple leaders themselves in the Council of Ministers supported the operation.

A criticism that does not involve Daz. The Labor Minister has also publicly assured that she cannot attend the ceremony this Monday as she had an important medical appointment scheduled at the same time. However, he has refrained from specifying whether to attend the next NATO summit to be held in Madrid on 28, 29 and 30 June.

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