Yolanda Diaz Calls ‘Arazon’ Without Podemos Leaders To “Move Together From Now” In Her Act: “The Best Is Yet To Come”


Ms Pass’s leaders praise the vice president’s “quiet perseverance” and predict the start of “a political cycle of hope”.

Immaculate Grandson, Yolanda Dee
Inmaculada Nieto, Yolanda Diaz and Iago Irezon at a rally in Malaga.gogo lobato
  • Interview Inma Nieto: “Podemos and IU are still in the same project. Andalusian left is more united than in 2018”

“We’ve done many things together, but the best is yet to come.” Yolanda Díaz is already publicly reaching out to Iago Irazón to “walk together” in her new political career, which will begin after the election festivities in Andalusia, where this Sunday both endorsed the candidate for Por Andalucá Is, Inma Nieto, And he has called for mobilization to be a deciding factor in the results of the Andalusian Left.

The second vice president’s weekend in the 19-J campaign, in which he took two mass baths, has particularly intensified the communication dynamics of his plans. this Saturday, crdoba, assured for the first time that he was ready to take a step forward to “win Spain”; Now, United We Can’s leader in government reaffirms its closeness with Iago Erezen, highlighting the potential of the project. purple When everyone is lined up in the same direction and to the left of PSOE predict a re-launch of space if they join forces again.

Diaz and Erragen reconcile in a campaign act red color In which none of the national leaders of Podemos participated, as happened this Saturday in Córdoba, where the second vice-president demonstrated goodwill with Ioan Bellara. This Sunday, however, a snapshot of the hug occurred with Ms. Paas’ leader, who praised Daz’s “quiet perseverance” and enthusiastically began the speech of the Labor minister, who calls for “hope” despite election forecasts. Get “a free, green and shiny Andalusia”.

“We need that spirit very much,” said Ehren, who believes that at a time when “what screams most, noise and superficiality, is in fashion,” the figure of Dazs becomes essential in the national political scene. . , neato a profile or . same as Asha Gomez, Ms. Pass’s leader in Andalusia. In fact, Errejn predicts that “Andaluca may be the beginning of a political cycle of hope” that extends across Spain.

A process in which Díaz should be the leader according to the opinion of the leader of the Izquierda Unida Tony Valero and later Inma Nieto herself, who thanked Dazs and Erezan for “supporting” the candidacy. “Every day passes as we get closer to seeing her as the first female president of the Spanish government,” she said, emphasizing the need to achieve a higher election turnout next Sunday to curb the right. “It is our duty to win. Al lo.”

The unit sealed this Sunday between Yolanda Dazs and Iago Arren, 230 km away, is also appreciated by Pablo Iglesias. former leader purple Presented This Sunday St. Ferdinand (Cdiz) His last book supported by the party’s leadership Andaluca and formation of various national leaders.

Iglesias, during his speech, transferred his support to Por Andaluca and the characters who led the act in Málaga, to both Inma Nieto and Yolanda Daz or Iago Erren.

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