Yolanda Díaz distances herself from ‘broad front’ in Andalusia after Podemos registration fiasco


“These are the things that turn citizens away from political parties. That’s what I live with,” says the government’s vice president.

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Yolanda Dazs, with Alberto Garzon and Inmaculada Nieto, at the Seville Fair.EM
  • 19-Ju The electoral board again denies the inclusion of Podemos in the confluence of the Andalusian left
  • election appointment Andalusian conglomerate of leftists promoted by Yolanda Daz turns into chaos

confluence of left Andaluca Yolanda Daz is not the place. The dissolution of the Second Vice President of the Por Andaluca Coalition adds to the uncertainty surrounding a project that, in addition to being born in an accident after a physical error that took Podemos out of the registry, has lost participation in the past few hours. One of the great assets of the June 19,

Despite choosing a United Left candidate –spotless grandsonwith whom i went Seville’s Fair Less than a week ago – Against the Podemos Tantra and Defense by Pablo Iglesias –Juan Antonio Delgado-, Dazs has apparently withdrawn from sponsoring any projects in Andalusia and has severed its future broad front from the agreement reached this weekend in the south. It has nothing to do with what we’ve seen these days, he admitted on two occasions yesterday. He distanced himself minutes after the Andalusian Electoral Board rejected the reform document, requesting that Podemos become the sixth party in the coalition. With this blow, purple They are left with practically no choice but to agree as a party within an electoral group, which they see as the first step in Daz’s broad front.

But nobody. In fact, Diaz couldn’t even find the words yesterday to justify it, as it has been since Podemos or IU, which hinders the birth of this alliance. These are the things that turn citizens away from political parties. Simultaneously, he limited himself to commenting as a warning to the structures involved in the matter. Yesterday, Podemos blamed IU for not submitting the correct documents to the registry and not honoring the settlement reached later Friday. From both the structures it is explained that all administrative channels will be squeezed, however the appeal which is being presented against the denial of appeal. election board -and which will be resolved all day today – is already the option which exhausts the possibilities through this channel.

Despite Supporting The Candidate, Let The 19-J Go Before You Start ‘Listening’ To Him

The truth is that Diaz had not yet clarified what the degree of his commitment to the Left’s Andalusian plan would be. In fact, she had already warned in early March that, by the deadline she was managing, she would not be able to articulate her plans in Andalusia if Juanma Moreno pushed the elections. This is a thesis that has always been defended by their environment: it is not yet settled, it has been claimed, especially in recent times.

In contrast, from Podemos it has always been maintained that, contrary to the campaign Castile and Leon, the second vice president will participate exclusively in the race for the elections to be held in Andaluca. Tomorrow, exchange of statements between Tantra purple And Dazs showed that his speeches are opposite in this sense.

But Podemos, in fact, keeps Daz’s pulse. Despite the Labor Minister’s categorical refusal to support the Andalusian project, sources purple He broadcast yesterday that the political settlement and Yolanda Diaz’s broad front is not going to break because of a bureaucratic or administrative issue.

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