Yolanda Diaz ends communication with United We Can: Eight months without meeting


The Vice President has not followed the routine of convening the Confederal Table, the coordinating body of this political space.

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Yolanda Diaz listens to Eoin Belara’s speech at a joint event in July 2021.zarro de lucaEuropa Press

Eight months of flow. Yolanda Diaz has not hosted the Confederal Table, the highest coordinating body of United We Can, since October 4, 2021. Since then, the government’s second vice president has reduced details about his future platform, gradually reducing meetings with ministers. away from the dome living in the same political place and especially in the dome executivewith whom he is increasingly at odds because of the lack of understanding in the heart of the minority member council of ministers,

The last one, less than a week ago, regarding the allegations of Podemos dadazo Among the decisions of the NATO summit, which were quickly rejected by the Minister of Labor, who defended the validity of the contracts approved by the Council of Ministers and surrounded the party of Ioan Bellara, except for his participation in the meeting in the air. The Atlantic Alliance, scheduled for the end of this month.

The Confederal Table is the site of the internal debate of United We Can. The conference of its associations, where the supreme leader of Podemos, Izquierda Unida, how can we You Com. in Galicia They delineate the main lines and establish the purple group’s position on great contemporary issues or actions taken within the government and at the parliamentary level. A fundamental assembly for integrating norms and coordinating actions and messages along multiple edges as a federal space, plural and united we can.

Pablo Iglesias used to assemble his hard core – the same positions never came a certain way, but he always weighted leaders with public responsibilities representing all forces – practically every week.

But with Dazs, as this paper contrasts, this union table has only been convened twice since it freed Iglesias from the head of the political space more than a year ago, in May 2021: in July, the government with which Pedro Sánchez reorganized the socialist branch of the executive; And in October, when the vice president had already accepted his desire to lead a transversal country project, starting from purple space.

Since then, both Daz’s preaching about his wider front and his disagreement with Podemos has increased. Now, with just weeks to begin his listening process, the parties that make up the United V can mourn the little information they have about the leader’s plans in their location’s pector. All forces emphasize that this first stage of the relationship with the citizen belongs exclusively to Daz, but they do not hide their concern about the secrecy with which the case has been handled to date.

To this communication nebula it is necessary to add to the constant disagreement between the Minister of Labor and the dominant party, in which place he heads. In the last few months, We can do it Ukraine has publicly clashed with Dazs on issues such as scandals about arms shipments, return of emeritus or espionage Pegasus, As a result of the crisis regarding the war, Dazs met with the Purple Ministers on 7 March to smooth out the rough edges and make a commitment to see each other weekly. Twelve weeks have passed since that day and, as this paper has learned, the dome of United we can He has only met Daz three times.

This scenario was accomplished with the election campaign in Andalusia, where the formation of Andaluca. ByIU, made up of Ms Pas and Podemos, has not been without controversy and friction and in which the purser saw how Daz gave his full support spotless grandson (IU) to be a candidate for the Board. All in an environment where some mistrust was sown.

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