Yolanda Díaz intensifies her contacts with Erezan in the middle of the Andalusian campaign and without relying on Podemos


igo Errejn and Yolanda Daz greet each other at the last San Isidro festival in Madrid.EFE
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In politics, gestures are often more important than words. And gestures suggest that the rapprochement between Yolanda Daz and Iago Arren has entered a phase of acceleration and intensification as the second vice-president of the government takes steps to create a new space on the left of PSOE, which will take over. Will handle The flight after the Andalusian elections was carried through the platform sumo, This personal approach is taking place at the same time that tensions and distances between the leaders of Podemos—current and emeritus—and his are increasing.

on sunday they will rally together red color In support of the candidate of Por Andaluca, inma neito, which represents a very relevant leap forward in this flourishing relationship. This will be their seventh meeting in just two months and five days. It’s a figure that already speaks volumes about the atmosphere of camaraderie between the two—what it produces in the state of Podemos—but above all it has political value that left many images where they were participatory, harmony and show affection. As in the release of two books – once Manika Garka (Ms. Madrid)- or in San Isidro Fest in the capital.

The last of those photos does too. This is from last Tuesday night, when the leader of Ms. Pass published Twitter A pose of both of them smiling after winning two prizes given by Parliamentary Journalists’ Association (application). Sharing the prize!!, Tweet.

While Daz and Errejn nurture a forbidden relationship Paul Church, Irene Monteiro You Eoin Belara, the distance widens between the vice president and the factual leaders of Podemos, with whom she appears less and less every day, and with whom differences are beginning to become permanent. The wear and tear of the last few months, along with the former leader’s fierce darts purple Against him, it is exacerbated by tensions caused by the Andalusian candidacy, which has done little more than to undermine the electoral options of the Por Andaluca coalition and reflect that climate of division.

Earlier it was because of the pulse that we e. can do IU He maintained for the candidate—that Díaz chose Inma Nieto—in favor of inciting acid criticism from Iglesias; Then with a spectacular result in the registration of the alliance -Podemos was released for not delivering the papers on time and IU- was convicted; And now due to open crisis with Monteiro’s decision to sack his chief of staff in the middle of the campaign. ministry of equality, Amanda MeyerA member of the IU Executive and who, in addition, is the leading couple of IU in Andalusia, Tony ValeroOne of the most involved people in the last two episodes in which Podemos was very impressed.

in this rarefied climate between Podemos and IU, which was already burdened by the alignment of Alberto Garzni With Daz, he has to continue the campaign. And it would physically bring Díaz along with Podemos’ two main positions on the Andalusian steps. On Saturday he will be accompanied by Belara and on Tuesday will repeat with both Monteiro and Garzon in the campaign’s central act.

Despite the fact that Ms. Pas Por is part of the Andaluca coalition, Irezon will not be there that day. He would make his presence felt in these elections without the company of the national leaders of Podemos and Izquierda Unida. Only with Daz. So there will be no reunion between former teammates.

The Dazs-Erren act on Sunday in Málaga has generated a lot of interest to showcase their point of view and if their words at the rally are clues as to what their desire is about coming together in the future. It is true that there is still a long way to go to overcome this. To begin with, as she still has to start her project and define which path she wants to follow. Furthermore, Errejn stressed on Tuesday that the Andalusian project is not a casting for Spain, but its own campaign.

Exactly That Sunday, Pablo Iglesias Has Scheduled His Only Campaign Act St. Ferdinand (CDs), at the same time as the other. So messages from the former leader of Podemos about the elections would enter direct competition with Diaz and Arren for a foothold in newspapers, television and radio.

He goes to the city of Cadiz to promote his book ator riviero, truth on the face, whose previous appearances have drawn some darts against Diaz, such as one in which she said that if she was now a political figure it was thanks to the fact that the leadership of Podemos had decided to rule, rule and rule. pressed for. And so Yolanda Daz exists.

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