Yolanda Díaz rejects municipal elections and will use only her platform for her candidacy for general elections.


Their tour will begin on July 8 during Pride in Madrid

The second vice president of government, Yolanda D.
Yolanda Daz, the second vice-president of the government, in Congress yesterday.Alberto OrtegaEuropa Press
  • sumo Yolanda Diaz to Launch Her Political Project on July 8 to Beat United We Can Brand
  • Policy Irene to rally with Yolanda Daz in Andaluca but rejects acts with Ioan Bellara or Irene Monteiro

a year and a half. It is the term that Yolanda Dazs seeks to reclaim the space on the left of the PSOE and to revive voters frustrated by persistent electoral hurdles and internal wars in United We Can.

The government’s second vice president yesterday finally took the step of revealing where and when the political plan originated, with the abbreviation to be dispensed with. purple, madrid, 8 July. coincides with the festival of Proud And, from there, to visit our country for half a year, in what he called a listening process before composing his candidacy. Times that the Labor Minister has also meticulously handled for months, and which are focused only on the project leading up to the general elections at the end of 2023, at the optimum point of maturity.

Thus, and as confirmed by her surroundings, Yolanda Díaz does not consider setting her plan for regional and municipal elections scheduled for May 28, 2023. United V could at one moment continue to design campaigns for the next spring, given the particular regional weakness for Purple. Diaz, from his team, will help as much as he can during these processes, just as he is going to join the Andalusian campaign that is already underway.

A 19-J run that has allowed Daz to move closer to igo Errejn while both stay away from United v Can. The Vice President admitted yesterday that there is panic in the ranks purple, but he called for calm: trust all sides. But before the end of the year, when he ends his listening tour with civil society, he won’t open the watermelon about the weight that worries Podemos today.

Diaz, as the paper has already pointed out on April 21, will then hand over his leadership to the primaries in which the extremism of all political forces on the platform should support it.

With the calendar released this Thursday, Daz will try to postpone the results quickly AndalucaWhere election means predict who is headed by the coalition inma neito Gain about eight seats which would not be enough to clear a leftist alternative to the sum between the Popular Party and the Vox.

Over the months, Diaz will also have to foster a dynamic dialogue with United We Can. The Vice President’s relationship with the position he headed has particularly deteriorated and communication outside institutional channels at this time is conspicuous by its absence. They haven’t convened the Confederal Table – the highest meeting body of the Confederal table – Podemos, IU and Commons – for eight months, while internal fights at United are nothing we can do but escalate. The last one, with the dismissal of its chief of staff by Irene Monteiro following problems arising from the formation of a joint candidacy in Andalusia this Tuesday. In any case, Eoin Belara and Yolanda Diaz will try to give an image of unity tomorrow, when the two share the stage. crdoba, A day later, the Vice President will do the same with Erazen red color, It’s impossible to see the Irazan-Podemos crossing in Andaluca.

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