Yolanda Diaz Won’t Notify Podemos Or IU That She’s Going To Register The Brand ‘Sumar’


Sources in the environment of the second vice president did the process of registration of this association a month and a half ago, which is in the corner of ‘purple’.

Second Vice President, Yolanda Do
The second vice president, Yolanda Daz, during a meeting.ep
  • Policy Yolanda Dazs launches her listening process under the Sumaar brand

Little was known about the existence of Sumer. Yolanda Diaz’s team processed this association’s registration in the Key Registry ministry of domestic affairs A month and a half ago, in early April. And he has done it so far without United We Can that the process of listening before the formation of his candidacy would be articulated with that motto, a symbol of the second vice president’s political ideology, and a group format.

No one knew, it was admitted yesterday from within the Purple Formation, where it was revealed through the press late on Wednesday that Daz’s plans go through with the imminent creation of a union with which From and without depending on the parties – as she wishes: that the structures are not the heroes –, put together her political project through a phase of contact with civil society six months after the Andalusian elections.

A time in which the second vice president plans to independently establish the foundation of his plan and form a coalition between the Left, forming Beyond United We Can. This Thursday, Daz blessed Ada Colau’s new candidacy for mayor of Barcelona And with one possible compromise: let’s add.

In the ranks of the Podemos they try to show normalcy and emphasize that the name that has crossed out is only a process of listening. Its process, they affect. A plan in which none of the structures that make up the purple universe enter the value and must travel alone, sources say, before deciding whether it is the head of the project’s list of reconnection forces to the left of PSOE. .

Would you like the Vice President, in spite of everything, to convene United We Can’s Governing Body to report on these details? Without a doubt, they settle down, but the vice and the purse are months away.

This Thursday there was a distance applause in the mouth of the equality minister, Irene Monteiro, who admitted to not knowing Daz’s intentions and showed loyalty to the project in a very cold way. We can always connect everything that works for the democratic depth of our country, he said. But it is Dazs who must define time and information about his plan, he said, to settle: I have nothing to say about it.

We at United can make it clear from Daz’s words this Thursday that the name is temporary and, in any case, will not be of the electoral brand. And he’s confident that, when the time comes, the vice president will open a dialogue process with the rest of the structure, creating a broad front to agree on a name that will convince everyone, just the way he’s prepared, As this paper has already reported, the resultant to be submitted for ratification by all parties forming the political space.

Future debate on the name, however, has not been confirmed by the Second Vice President, where he explains that, for the time being, Diaz has decided not to present himself to lead any plan, but solely from his ministerial level. Management is focused and looking no further than the listening process.

The processing process in the register of unions dependent on the Ministry of the Interior lasts about three months. It was a time frame controlled by the vice president, with no intention of, in any case, the name of the sum or the format in which the plan would be structured. But the leak ended the silence and it is now inevitable that the name of the project will be with the Vice President next month and during the election campaign in Andalusia. Scenario where, by the way, the Dazs team they refrain from specifying what their degree of involvement would be after they distanced themselves from Por Andaluca following a nuisance of structures during the registration of the brand.

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