Zelensky scolded the Davos elite: “We should have worked with Russia earlier. Now we need 5,000 million per month”


The President of Ukraine offers his market to foreign companies and urges them to leave Russia “so as not to become a participant in war crimes”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his speech on Monday
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, during his speech before the Davos Forum this Mondaylaurent gillieroneEFE

“I want them to wake up every morning thinking ‘what have I done for Ukraine'”. This is how the President ended his speech Volodmir Zelensky Before the auditorium of the World Economic Forum, which has started its annual meeting in Davos after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Zelensky thanked “the current unity response of governments and companies”, but scolded them for not taking preventive action. “They should have worked with Russia first. We could have saved many lives if precautionary action had been taken.“He insisted on a telematic intervention in front of the main hall of the Davos Congress Center.”Now we need $5 billion every month“, he quantified in front of an audience that had European officials such as the President of Switzerland, ignazio cassisand CEOs of Western multinationals.

Zelensky has called for “maximum sanctions” against the Russian Federation and that “foreign companies leave that country so as not to engage in war crimes.” In return, he has offered them a “market of 40 million”. Referring to Ukraine and its reconstruction. He has proposed organizing a reconstruction of the regions with and without barriers for foreign investors that, if they bet on Ukraine, “will see a revaluation of their brand.”

“History is at a turning point… it is indeed the moment when it is decided If brute force rules the worldJustifying his performance, Zelensky said.

Forum founder, German klaus schwabZelensky what the West can do to stop Ukrainian grain supplies, vital to dozens of countries, from continuing. “The Russians have closed our ports, they are stealing our grain“, the Ukrainian leader replied. He has called for arranging corridors so that his products can transit. He believes that various solutions will be necessary, including “access to the Baltic ports” and “rail transport”. Europe “The theater has slipped before,

Stating that every morning they tell of the number of the dead, they have been moved. “It was 87 this morning. Ukraine has a future but it will be done without them.”

He has supported any measures to confiscate Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine, as taken by the German Finance Minister, Christian LindnerIn the statements of EL Mundo. “If the attacker loses everything, he will be deprived of the motivation for war”, he emphasized. “Further precedents should be avoided.” “If we had received the response that we now have last February, hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved,” he reiterated, appealing to Western conscience. He commended her at the beginning and end of her speech.

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