Zimo Puig rearranged his government to consolidate the Treasury in the hands of Arcadi Espa and sent Ana Barcel to Cortés.


Territorial policy will see Rebecca Toure enter and Carolina Pascual will be replaced by Senator Josefina Bueno, who may relinquish her seat in the Upper House to Vicente Soler.

Arkady Espa
Arcadi Spain, the day of his appointment as minister.EM

took a week zimo puigo In fitting the pieces of the government’s puzzle with which it wants to face the final year of the legislature, the key to boosting recovery after the pandemic and facing the 2023 regional elections in good standing. The remodeling announced last Saturday was outlined this Friday with relief at the ministries of finance, health, innovation and regional policy. Vicente Solar, ana barcelona You Caroline Pascual He was informed by the President himself that he would cease to function and Arkady Espa To change portfolio. i will give it Rebecca Torreywho is leaving the economy while innovation and candidate senator in universities josephine good, It is precisely in the Upper House that the current Finance Minister may be eliminated.

march of Vicente Solar In recent times was an open secret. Puig intends to strengthen the treasury sector, which has European funds under its management, with the figure of who has been his right-hand man in recent years: Arcadi Spain. current minister of regional policy Tenner entrusted this task, in addition to dealing with Generalitat’s budget partners and being the face of opposition in the face of his continued request for tax reform.

Spain will leave its portfolio in the hands of Rebecca Tore, who was sacked as autonomous secretary of the economy, to appoint a minister. The former deputy mayor of the Ontario has been a socialist key player in a ministry in the hands of Samjhauta and played an essential role in the arrival of the Volkswagen Gigafactory in Sagunto.

In terms of innovation, Alicante, the preferred name to replace Carolina Pascual, is another name for Senator Josefina Bueno, who was already general director of university, research and science during Botanic’s first term. The gap that remains in the Senate could be occupied by Vicente Soler, who, at the age of 73, had already expressed his desire to take Puig a step back at Consel, but who left with a pending account. Gives: Improvement in the financing system. A letter was sent to Minister Monteiro this week calling for an “imminent” change to the model, compensation for regional debt and the “immediate” creation of a temporary leveling fund. This letter is a vindictive pin for his time at Consel.

Barcel, Cortes’ spokesman

The departure of Ana Barcel will be for Cortés. Puig has tasked him with instructing him as trustee of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, an appointment he will propose to the party’s executive meeting next Monday in Orihuela. The woman from Alicante, the elected president of the PSPV in the previous Congress, will fill the void caused by the resignation Manolo Mata Azud to return to his activity as a lawyer in defense of the kingpin of the conspiracy.

Barcel’s name was a favorite to lead the parliamentary group due to his experience and willingness to leave health after the outbreak of the pandemic at the helm of health. The woman from Alicante already served as deputy spokeswoman during Botanic’s first legislature, until she was called into government in 2018 to replace Carmen Montan.

These three outings join Vicente Marge in Education, a department led by Comproms. The Coalition announced last Wednesday that he would be replaced by Raquel Tamarit, the regional secretary of culture, in what it dismissed as a preliminary step to be able to join the executive at an extraordinary plenary session this afternoon.

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