Zimo Puig resumes his government: “I am not thinking about elections but about facing the opportunities of a decade”


The President strengthens all sectors with respect to European funds and in recognition of health workers appoints an independent physician, Miguel Mánguez, as Head of Health.

President Zimo Puig, In Salt
President Zimo Puig in the hall of Cours del Palau.M. BrookEFE

zimo puigo It has taken a week to put all the pieces on the chessboard with which he wants to play the game in the final year of the legislature. His desire to recognize the effort of health workers during the pandemic by placing a doctor at the head of the Ministry of Health has cost him more than expected, Miguel Manguez, The rest, key people in their environment and those who have been important to the Generalitat in operations. Arkady EspasHis right hand since arriving in Palau, first as an advisor and then from regional policy, he will handle the Treasury portfolio and delegate his current powers. Rebecca Torrey, Senator completes remodeling josephine goodThe only new face in innovation and universities, and in compromise departments: Raquel TamaritaWho will be in charge of education, culture and sports.

The most extensive remodeling that Puig has done since coming to the Botanic is a year ahead of regional elections and he wants to explain a cause in a single appearance at Palau’s Hall of Courts, to reinforce Great symbolism has its place. his message. Puig will seek to “relaunch the Valencian community” at a “disruptive moment”, calling for “a new impetus, an update, a reset, a change that powers government action.” “I don’t think about elections but about facing the opportunities of a decade. We don’t rule for elections, but for new generations,” the president insisted.

“We are beginning a new phase with a strong consul to strengthen reactivation with six women and six men for the first time in history and with one mission: to accelerate the transformation of a new Valencian community with all public power. To bring. This is the philosophy. In a moment of change, to attract projects, to inject energy into the vein and to make the welfare state more vigorous,” insisted the president, who took advantage of European funds. reiterated the need for lifting, and as such continued to attract multinationals. Volkswagen,

new councilor

For these tasks, Puig used two growing values ​​of the PSPV and its administration: Arkady Espas and Rebecca Torres. The new finance minister would not only come up with tasks that his predecessor had involved in completing the coalition’s budget for seven years in a “timely manner”, as Puig pointed out, but also to continue the fight over the financing model and upwards. Above all, to promote the branch of the “economic model” that this department has, on which, according to the president, “the execution of European money and the transformation of the business fabric” would fall.

He will take charge in the regional policy tore, a woman who has been instrumental in the arrival of the Volkswagen Gigafactory in Sagunto and who will now face the challenge of creating the perfect environment at Parc Sagunt to set up subsidiaries that will accompany the German multinational. In addition, “in a detailed, neo-Keynesian phase” it must promote two priorities related to European financing: renewable energy, “to advance energy sovereignty” and sustainable public transport policies.

The third phase of this renewal in the socialist regions will be led by the former senators of Alicante josephine goodwhich is in charge of Innovation, Universities and Science, is the only department based in Alicante and which requires Puig to “become a transforming lever for digitizing companies, linking the Valencian Innovative System, with Alicante as the headquarters of a cluster.” form, and promote new science legislation”.

These three socialists join Raquel TamaritaChosen by the Komproms, which was already part of the administration, as the Regional Secretary of Education and Culture.

The novelty, and the reason this remodeling has been delayed, is in health. new minister will be doctor Miguel Manguez, Head of the Digestive Unit of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, researcher at Incliva and Professor at the University of Valencia. This is a technical profile, without links to PSPV, who have worked at other hospitals in the Valencian community and with whose appointment Puig wanted to make a nod to his dedication during the pandemic with toilets. As a challenge, it will have to execute the biggest reform of Valencian public health, especially primary care and mental health, as well as the promotion of health infrastructure planning.

During his speech, the President showed his “deep gratitude” to the ministers so far Vicente Solar, ana barcelona, Vincent Marzo You Caroline PascualWith whom he has said he has shared “the most difficult times” in the context of the pandemic, while making him confident that citizens value his work.

In particular, he thanked Vicente Soler for his loyalty, Vicente Marz’s “sense of reconciliation”, Carolina Pascual’s “ability to serve the public” and the strength of Ana Barcel, whose dedication he recognized during the more than 600 days of the pandemic. be exposed. She will be the one who will now lead the socialist parliamentary group in Cortés as trustee, so that it can reach agreements with government partners.

Regarding the possibility that Soler would occupy the regional senator’s seat vacated by Josefina Bueno, Puig was cautious and assured that it would be Soler’s decision himself, from which he took his “tarann open and tolerant and its perspective is rooted in self-government.” “This is one of the clearest references to political Valencianism in recent decades. The progress of the Valencian community continues to be useful to the project”, he warned.

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