Zoe’s lead singer Len LaRegui explodes against Bad Bunny and their music: “Disposable Garbage”


singer lane lareguiMexican Band. From Solashed out at bad bunny EL MUNDO . As a result of an article published in

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  • music Bad Bunny: It’s always summer for the year’s most listened to artist

singer lane lareguiMexican Band. From Solashed out at bad bunny Following an article published in EL Mundo that analyzed the Puerto Rican singer’s latest album and her great international success.

After reading a tweet from this newspaper which claimed that 23 songs of i look beautiful Among the most heard internationally, Leon responded to the publication with a stern message in which he branded the themes of the urban artist. “Disposable Trash”, “Capitalist Consumer Design” You “Abandoning Ignorance”,

Later, Len Laregui deleted his tweet, However, the final clash of the recording industry had already taken place.

The message has divided users of the social network: while some support her and also think that what Bad Bunny does cannot be considered art, others have asked her to respect the work of her colleagues. even if it is not to his liking.

Those who have closely followed the career of the leader of the Mexican rock group will know that This isn’t the first time he’s shared his negative position on reggaeton.,

During an interview with 2018 Southern Series Newsthe artist recognized that This style is not to his liking and he prefers the more traditional “romanticism of music”.One who believes that it can transmit real and profound human experiences through poetic language.

So far, Bad Bunny hasn’t responded to Zoe’s leader’s comments, but her fans have taken it upon themselves to come to her rescue.

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